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Corporate culture

Core of corporate culture

Business Philosophy: Achieve great goal with sincerity, create the future with solidarity

Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and diligence, realistic and innovative

Core values: co-creation, sharing and win-win

Corporate culture concept

Management purpose: to realize the self-worth of dedication and innovation, to cultivate dedicated and loyal business ethics, to create a harmonious and encouraging corporate culture, and to create a century-old brand that benefits the people.

Management philosophy: strengthen basic management and create a century-old brand.

Working style: quick response, immediate action.

Manager's Code: frequently recalling difficulties in starting a business, thinking about the interests of the company's employees, constantly thinking about management development strategies, always cherishing the passion for innovation and contribution, and always speaking about the concept of integrity and future.

Basic management concept: strict process discipline, strict operation rules, strict requirements implementation, and serious assessment and improvement.

Employment philosophy: everything is work-oriented. To be talent-oriented.

Enterprise tenet: never forget social responsibility, never forget company development, never forget hard-working employees, and never forget standardized management.

Working criteria: lead your business with cultural thoughts, manage your business with system construction, operate your business with strict management and budgetary calculations, drive your business with precept and example, spread your business with solidarity and cooperation, and develop your business with wisdom and hard work.

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