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Innovation agency

Shandong Meiling was founded in 1958. The company has complete infrastructure, complete supporting facilities for public works, strong technical force, more than 50 years of advanced manufacturing experience and technological precipitation. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and has established the Shandong Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Provincial High-efficiency Energy-saving Heat Exchanger Engineering Technology Research Center, High-Saline Wastewater and High-Concentration Organic Wastewater Engineering Technology Research Center, Urban Wastewater Reuse Technology Innovation Industry Alliance, Shandong Academician Workstation, Zibo Industrial Design Center, Zibo City Intelligent High-efficiency Energy-saving Heat Exchanger Engineering Laboratory and Shandong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base.

Over the years, Meiling Company has always insisted on survival by quality and development by technology. The company has established an effective talent management mechanism, and at the same time adhered to the technology development model of combining production, learning and research, and successively worked with China University of Petroleum, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Company, Beijing Construction Engineering companies, Shanghai Fasteners and Welding Materials Institute and other colleges and scientific research units to establish close technical cooperation relations and jointly commit to the research and development of new products with high technological content, high efficiency and energy saving.

The scientific and technological work of Shandong Meiling Group has experienced a process from nonexistence to pass into existence, from weak to strong, and then to occupy the leading position in the industry. In 2002, the General Engineering Office was established to take overall responsibility for the technical management of the enterprise. Since 2003, the implementation of professional technical positions and worker technician appraisal system and related incentive measures has maximized the enthusiasm and centripetal force of professional and technical personnel. The company has focused on the company’s stereotyped leading products, and aimed at new technologies with high technology content and good market prospects to promote enterprise production to enter the wider field. The company has won honorary titles such as Shandong Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise, National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise, Zibo Top 50 Innovative High-growth Enterprise, and Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.

As of 2020, the group has obtained 111 authorized patents, including 7 invention patents and 104 utility models. There are 219 professional and technical personnel, accounting for 27% of the total number of employees, including 170 persons who have obtained internally appraised professional and technical positions, and 178 personnel have obtained qualifications for professional and technical positions in the personnel department. Three of them have been rated as outstanding young experts in Linzi District. 1 person was awarded Zibo Gold Medal Craftsman, and 1 person was awarded a technician with outstanding contribution in Zibo City.

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