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Software and hardware support

The company's technical center has an office area of 1,718 square meters, a product trial workshop of 4,200 square meters, and a research and development laboratory with more than 1,000 square meters including mechanical performance laboratory, chemical analysis room, and metallographic analysis room. The company has more than 200 domestic advanced research and development equipment (sets) including advanced machining center, CNC double-column vertical lathe, CNC cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic welding equipment, CNC horizontal down-regulating three-roller plate rolling machine, spark direct reading spectrometer, high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, metallographic microscope, digital display universal material testing machine, low temperature impact testing machine, X-ray rod anode system, TOFD phased array detector, etc, and has built performance test facility for internal components of fixed-bed hydrogenation reactor and experimental device for fluid power and mass transfer.

The company has strong hardware facilities and software support. It has a strong technical support platform, including process equipment strength calculation software package (SW6), petrochemical static equipment computer-aided design desktop system (PV Desktop), cold exchange equipment process technology software (HTRT, HEPC), CAXA electronic drawing board, Tianzheng Graphics and other software. The company can carry out technical development, design, manufacturing, testing and testing according to national standard (GB), European Union standard (PED), American standard (ASME), British standard (ES), German standard (DIN) and Japanese standard (JIS).

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