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High temperature resistant (650℃) stud bolts

High temperature resistant (650℃) high strength studs, bolts, nuts:

1、1. Material: American Standard ASTM A453/A453M 660; National Standard GH2132, etc.

2. Specification: M10~M120 3/8″~5″

3. The products are mainly used in high-temperature and high-pressure occasions such as petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline, power plant, steel plant, etc.

The fastener is made of iron-based and nickel-based age-hardening high temperature alloys. This kind of fastener can work normally under the working temperature of 650 ℃ and instantaneous temperature of 700 ℃. The characteristic of this product is that when the temperature is 650℃, the tensile strength can reach 735MPa, and the high-temperature endurance stress is greater than 392MPa. It can work normally at the working temperature of 650℃ and the instantaneous temperature of 700℃. It has extremely strong high-temperature durability and good high temperature creep resistance and corrosion resistance. Solid Solution - The development and application of key process technologies such as aging dispersion strengthening heat treatment process, narrow upset forging process, and thread forming process make the manufacturing process of fastener advanced and reasonable. The production equipment of this product has a high degree of automation, complete detection methods, and stable and reliable product performance indicators. The successful development of this product has filled the domestic gap, and the manufacturing process has reached the domestic leading level.

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