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Tubular forging

The cylindrical forgings produced by the company are mainly used in petrochemical industry, pressure pipelines, pressure vessels, heavy machinery and equipment, nuclear power and other fields. Materials include 25#, 45#, 16Mn, A105, 20MnMo, 16MnD, 09MnNiD and other brands of carbon steel, alloy steel, low temperature low alloy steel, stainless steel, dual phase steel, etc. The material standards involve national standard, US standard, Ministry of Energy Standards, etc. This product can choose different materials and processes according to the applicable place and performance requirements to apply to various environments such as low temperature, high pressure, corrosive medium and so on. The manufacturing tonnage is below 6 tons; representative products include high-pressure water chamber cylinder, pressure vessel, cylinder section used in hydrogenation reactor, high-temperature high-pressure pipe connection for boiler, etc.

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