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Development history

First stage: starting from scratch, uniting the iron and wood worker, arduously starting a business (1958-1977)

In September 1958, in the upsurge of the rural people's commune movement, the Qiling People's Commune United Machinery Manufacturing and Repairing Factory was established, which was mainly engaged in the manufacture and repair of small iron and wooden tools, with agricultural repairing first. This factory is the predecessor of Shandong Meiling Group.

At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the enterprise had nothing. More than a dozen workers who were both workers and farmers started from scratch, built adobe, constructed the factories, built the red furnace, and made tools. Afterwards, due to the "three-year economic hardship period" and the "Cultural Revolution", the development of the enterprise was slow, however, the workers learned the Daqing spirit, did not think about working conditions, did not calculate wages, and served as a good owner. The ideal of "work hard within eight hours, make more contributions outside the working hours" enabled the enterprise to survive in a difficult situation. When building the sand turning workshop in 1972, the factory leaders led the team to the brick kiln to undertake the kiln task. The temperature was high and the dust was heavy, but even though the employees were sweating and their faces were red and black, the workers always maintain the spirit of hard struggle and perseverance.

Since 1974, in order to support agricultural production, the company has successfully developed the industrial and agricultural 2-700 thresher and the Hongqi 450 thresher. At the same time, with the construction and commissioning of the national large-scale enterprise Qilu Petrochemical Company, it began to produce petrochemical accessories for Qilu Petrochemical Company. The production of entire mechanical equipment and its involvement in the petrochemical industry have laid solid foundation for the adjustment of the product structure in the future and also made the company a firm foothold.

Second stage: with internal rectification and external expansion, the scale of operation is now emerging (1978-1991)

In 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was convened. The focus of the whole party's work shifted to focusing on economic construction. The prelude to reform and opening up began. A new page in business development of the enterprise was turned.

In April 1979, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China convened a working meeting and put forward the eight-character policy for economic work of "adjustment, reform, rectification, and improvement." According to the unified deployment of the higher-level departments, since October 1982, the enterprise has carried out a comprehensive rectification in three years and two months. The contents include operation management, labor organization, labor discipline, leadership construction, and ideological and political work. Through the reorganization, various managements have been strengthened and improved, and the overall working level of the enterprise has reached a new level. In 1985, it passed the rectification and acceptance of enterprises organized by Linzi District and was rated as an advanced unit.

In 1988, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council of "grasping management, upgrading to a higher level, and comprehensively improving quality", the enterprise carried out standard upgrade activities and established a standardized management system, measurement and inspection network and inspection system. In 1989, the company passed the municipal advanced enterprise standards acceptance. In 1990, the enterprise passed the provincial system-level advanced enterprise acceptance, indicating the company's management level has reached a new level.

By rectifying the internal management reform and improvement of the two themes of acceptance and standard upgrade, the company has went up two steps continuously, renewed its vitality, and laid a solid foundation for further development, thus creating a good atmosphere.

In order to seek the road of development, after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the company has continuously explored and adjusted its product structure. In the rural areas, with the implementation of the household contract responsibility system, the agricultural machinery market has shrunk, and at the same time, the improvement of people's living standards created demands for household appliances continuously. Therefore, in the field of expansion of external markets, the enterprise made adjustment in time. It gradually narrowed down the manufacture and repair of agricultural machinery, and shifted to producing electric fans. At the end of 1981, the production of electric fan products was suspended. With the recovery of the petrochemical industry, the basic industry of the national economy, the original small batch of petrochemical accessories products ushered in the opportunity for development and was listed as a key cultivation product. This has paved the way for the enterprise to enter the petrochemical industry in the future, from the production of petrochemical parts to the design and manufacture of complete sets of petrochemical equipment, and even become a well-known brand product in China's petroleum and chemical industries.

Third stage: reform and reform to achieve leapfrog development (1992-2003)(1992-2003)

During this period, thanks to the reform and opening up and the development of the market economy, the new leadership team was established, who were united and diligent, pragmatic and innovative, and proposed "renew concept to promote management, strengthen sales and develop markets, standardize management to improve efficiency, and stabilize the foundation for development." as the factory's policy. The enterprise seized the opportunity, transformed the organizational system, reorganized assets, carried out technological innovation, standardized management, and took multiple measures to make the enterprise enter the fast lane of development.

Transform mechanism. In April 1992, the company was listed by Zibo Municipal People's Government as one of the second batch of pilot units of joint-stock reform in Zibo City. With the original Linzi Petrochemical Parts Factory as the initiator, Zibo Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on September 28, 1992, thus completing the shareholding system transformation of the enterprise. In 1997, it was confirmed as a standard stock company by the provincial government and renamed as Shandong Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. In the same year, the "Shandong Meiling" stock was listed on the Zibo Securities Trading Automatic Quote System. After the restructuring, the enterprise standardized and improved the corporate governance structure of the shareholders' general meeting, the board of directors, and the board of supervisors, and simulated the management method of the second-level legal person to reform the management mechanism. The original unified management model was changed to hierarchical management model, and units affiliated to the enterprise were organized into three secondary units based on production characteristics. Each secondary unit implemented targeted management, independent accounting, independent operation, and self-financing. The head office implements the three-chief-engineers responsibility system (chief economist, chief engineer, and chief accountant) under the leadership of the general manager, and conducts macro-management and business objective assessment for each secondary unit. At the same time, the enterprise has established and improved a new type of labor, personnel and distribution system. Cadres can be promoted or demoted, employees can be employed or dismissed, income can be increased and lowered, therefore a new stage of standardized operation has been entered.

Asset restructuring. During this stage, the company strengthened its asset operations, adopted capital cooperation, technical cooperation, overall mergers and acquisitions, off-site investment and other methods to introduce internal and external links, perform rolling development, thus realizing the rapid expansion of production scale and richer product structure. Zibo Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (the name was changed to Shandong Meiling Meilida Blower Co., Ltd. later), Qingdao Qinling Petrochemical Parts Co., Ltd., Catalyst Plant, Heavy Forging Plant, Air Conditioning Fan Branch, Tianqiyuan Mineral Water Company, High Strength Fastener Branch, Shandong Meiling Zhonglian Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Linzi District Meiling Gas Station in Zibo City, Qingdao Bode Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Linzi Wastewater Purification Branch, Zibo Tianqiyuan Water Supply Co., Ltd. were established during this period successively. So far, the enterprise has grown from a Linzi Petrochemical Parts Factory to an enterprise with 11 subsidiaries and branches, of which the business scope involves mechanical design and manufacturing, environmental engineering treatment, urban domestic water supply, mineral water production, sewage treatment, oil refining auxiliary production and many other various fields.

Technological innovation. In 1993, the company employed the first batch of undergraduate graduates from ordinary universities, and hired retired engineering technicians, university experts and professors to work in the company in various forms, thus opening the prelude to the construction of enterprise talent teams. Regarding the development of enterprises through science and technology, the company has adhered to the path of technological innovation combining production, learning and research. During this period, the company introduced 13 new technologies, developed 13 major product series and 86 product categories, and completed 128 technological transformation projects, among which, 28 products won 49 scientific and technological achievement awards. The company's independent research and development capabilities, product added value, and market competitiveness have been unprecedentedly improved. In 1996, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zibo City, and in 1999 it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province.

Standardized management. Management is the eternal theme of enterprise development. After the restructuring, the company continued to explore deeper and continue to standardize and improve various management, and carried out reforms and upgrades in the aspects of standardized management of production safety, quality education of all employees, salary management, performance evaluation, ideological and legal system construction, and corporate culture construction. Especially in 1998, as an enterprise that started the quality system construction earlier in the same industry, the company successfully passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, which covered all products. This indicated the company had taken a major step on the road to standardized construction by using quality management to drive the company's management, and indicated that the company had changed the internal environment of the enterprise and enhanced the external competitiveness of the enterprise.

Fourth stage: along with group formation and stable development, machinery manufacturing and environmental protection water affairs are developing simultaneously (2004-2015)(2004-2015)

After entering the 21st century, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company has established and pursued the business philosophy of "achieve great goal with sincerity, create the future with solidarity", continues to carry forward the magnificent spirit of "unity and progress, realistic and innovative", insists on market demand-oriented, focuses on improving economic and social benefits, and makes efforts to optimize the leading products and adjust the industrial structure.

Operational structure. Operational structure. In order to further form a stable development pattern, the company embarked on capital integration and reorganization, and adjusted and optimized the industry and product structure.

In 2004, taking Shandong Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. as the core enterprise, the company established the Meiling Group jointly with four holding subsidiaries including Shandong Meiling Meilida Blower Co., Ltd., Shandong Meiling Zhonglian Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingdao Bode Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zibo Tianqiyuan Water Supply Shandong Co., Ltd. In 2008, in order to promote the rapid development of the two major industries of machinery manufacturing and environmental protection water affairs, the group company carried out industrial integration and reorganization to achieve the goal of strong development on an overall scale. Shandong Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Meiling Environmental Technology (Zibo) Co., Ltd. takes the two major industries of machinery manufacturing and environmental protection water affairs as the core businesses respectively, and have formed professional management and large-scale development.

During this period, the two major industrial sectors developed together and advanced together. Machinery manufacturing adheres to technological innovation, accelerates the development of new products, continuously improves the level of equipment, and continues to expand the scale of production. In 2010, the company introduced the world's first-class production equipment and built the largest investment project in the history of the group company - the auto parts casting production line. Its strength was increasing. Environmental protection and water service businesses came to the forefront, seized market opportunities with technological innovation and quality services, actively acted and repeatedly achieved good results, and the regional leading position was initially established. In 2005 and 2009, Qingzhou Meiling Wastewater Purification Co., Ltd. and Jining Meiling Wastewater Purification Co., Ltd. were established and the company's overall scale developed strongly.

Basic management. During this period, the company has established the management concept of "strengthening basic management and creating a century-old brand". Based on basic management, the company continuously expands the breadth and depth of management. Starting from guidance, the company strengthens preventive management and implements a downward shift in its focus, and improves continuously, makes assessment strict, therefore horizontally forms eight management assessment systems that comprehensively cover all basic management of the enterprise, including quality, information, safety, equipment, site, energy saving, cost, human resources, etc. Furthermore, the company has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, IATF16949 international Car industry quality management system, ISO10012 measurement management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, pressure vessel quality assurance system and pressure pipeline component quality assurance system, etc., so as to plan, implement, inspect and improve various basic management. The enterprise's basic management concept was established, the system was formed, and the level was comprehensively improved. In 2009, the group company introduced the ERP information management system, thus entering the fast lane of modern enterprise management.

Technological innovation. The combination of "production, learning and research" is still the way of enterprise innovation and development. At this stage, the group company has established the product development direction of "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, economy and practicality" and established a provincial enterprise technology center in Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial High-efficiency Energy-Conserving Heat Exchanger Engineering Technology Research Center, Academician Workstation, Zibo City High-Saline Wastewater and High-Concentration Organic Wastewater Engineering Technology Research Center. Shandong Meiling Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shandong Meiling Zhonglian Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. were recognized as the national high-tech enterprises. The company has developed 56 new products, among which 24 products and technologies won national and provincial and municipal level scientific and technological progress awards, 43 won national authorized patents, 45 product technologies were listed in national, provincial and municipal technological innovation plan. "Meilida" centrifugal fan for air conditioning was identified as a famous brand product in Shandong Province, "Meiling" high-strength fasteners were identified as national inspection-free products, and "Meiling" energy-efficient heat exchangers were recognized as a Chinese brand-name product, the "Meiling" trademark was recognized as a Chinese well-known trademark.

Corporate culture. The development of economy requires a kind of perseverance, development and inheritance of spirit and faith. As the company grows, it needs the support of culture. Focusing on "people-oriented, inheritance and innovation", during this period, the construction of corporate culture has been unprecedentedly developed. The people-oriented management model was improved day by day. The automation equipment was used to liberate labors. The company took advantage of comfortable working environment to attract people amd retained people with humanized management. The enterprise spirit of "unity, diligence, pragmatism and innovation", the business philosophy of "Achieve great goal with sincerity, create the future with solidarity", the corporate values of "co-creation, sharing and win-win", the enterprise trend of "four never forget" and the working principles of "six-use" were further established. "Shandong Meiling News" had a new revision. "Shandong Meiling Group Magazine" which records the development history of the company was published. "Starlight", which shows the merits of the enterprise and the model workers, was compiled and distributed. Various cultural and sports activities were splendid, corporate cohesion and centripetal force were continuously enhanced, and a harmonious and encouraging corporate culture was increasingly shown.

Fifth stage: listing on NEEQ, enlightening new ideas, introducing new power and striving for new development (2016-)

On September 19, 2016, "Meiling" was listed on the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system, therefore opened another new course for the enterprise to enter the capital market.

Standing at a new historical starting point and facing the new opportunities and new requirements for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the company takes creating a century-old Meiling brand as its mission, pays close attention to management and innovation, concentrates its efforts, and makes persistent efforts.

In 2018, China's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. The development of enterprises in China is facing severe challenges in transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, and transforming the growth momentum. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the group company maintains its strategic strength, adheres to the general tone of progress, accelerates the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and upgrades and upgrades of industrial products, continues to deepen and optimize internal management. Each work continues to maintain a healthy and stable development status. In 2018, it was the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the group company. Standing at a new historical starting point, the company is unremittingly advancing towards the target of creating century-old Meiling brand.

In the next few years, the company will actively introduce all kinds of professional and technical talents and high-end talents, continue to regard "leading technology, opening new products, increasing equipment, improving technology" as the general requirement for transformation and upgrading, vigorously promote the company's technological progress by taking advantage of the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy of the country, focus on advancing the company's machinery manufacturing products to the mid-to-high-end, strengthens basic management with information and lean management, awe of quality, improve skills and careful operation, and create industry fine products. Aiming at international advanced technology, the company will adopt a pragmatic way of cooperation to create a domestic pragmatic and efficient environmental protection water industry, and contribute to China's "green water and green mountains".

Hold high the banner of national industry and show the craftsmanship of great countries. Unremitting efforts to create a century-old Meiling brand!

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