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Alloy steel stud

High-strength fasteners for petroleum and petrochemical pressure pipelines

1. Including high strength bolts, high strength studs, high strength nuts and washers

2. The materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

3. Specification: M10~M120 3/8″~5″

4、Standards: national standard, SH/T3404-2013, HG/T20634-2009, HG/T20613-2009, NB/T47027-2012 and other petrochemical and industry standards, ASTM A193/A193M, ASTM A320/A320M, ASTM A194/A194M and other American Standards

5、 Surface treatment includes blackening, phosphating, Teflon, galvanizing, dacromet, etc., to be suitable for different occasions

6、The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pressure pipeline, pressure vessel and other equipment and occasions, suitable for ultra-high temperature (above 700℃), high temperature, high pressure, ultra-low temperature (below -200℃), low temperature, normal temperature and other environments.


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