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High-strength bolts for wind turbines

High-strength fasteners for wind turbines

Specification: M20~M64

Mechanical properties: 10.9, 8.8

Material: 42CrMo, 40CrNiMo, B7, etc.

The products are mainly applied in high temperature and high pressure occasions such as petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline, power plant, steel plant, etc.

This product meets the needs of wind power development and is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, sea breeze, corrosion and other harsh conditions. Meanwhile, it can ensure that the fasteners have a high pretension and creep resistance, which meets the requirements of actual use. The product overcomes the phenomenon of over-twisting caused by the low torque coefficient caused by secondary lubrication in the manufacture. This product is treated with special Dacromet, so that it has strong corrosion resistance, stable torque coefficient, and small standard deviation, making the developed wind power bolts more versatile.


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