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High-strength bolt with fixed twist head

High-strength bolt with fixed twist head:

1. Specifications: M20, M22

2. The bolts are heat treated, that is, quenched and tempered, to ensure that their mechanical properties reach 1040-1240MPa tensile strength,

M20 tightening shaft force 134~160KN,

M22 tightening shaft force 210~235KN,

Specification: M16~M36 3/8″~2″

The tightening shaft force can also be adjusted according to user needs

3、The high-strength bolt with fixed torsion head is characterized by high strength and good toughness. At the same time, it has strict tightening axial force requirements. During the construction, the hexagonal plum blossom is broken, and the bolt is evenly loaded and the bearing capacity is large. Stable tightening axial force and small standard deviation are the key technologies of bolts. The development of key process technologies such as automated heat treatment process, hot upsetting process, phosphorus saponification surface treatment process, and stress groove processing process has made the manufacturing technology of high-strength bolts with fixed twist heads advanced and reasonable.


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