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Flange forging

The flange forgings produced by the company include plate flat welded flanges, flat welded hub flanges, butt welded hub flanges, socket welded flanges, threaded flanges, flange covers, butt welding rings loose sleeve hub flanges, flat welded ring loose sleeve flange, ring groove flange and flange cover, large diameter flat flange, large diameter high hub flange, figure eight blind plate, butt welding ring loose sleeve flange, etc. They are mainly used in petrochemical industry, pressure vessels, water conservancy, electricity, power stations, pressure piping accessories, etc., and have obtained "Special Equipment Manufacturing License" (pressure piping components). The material includes carbon steel, alloy steel, low temperature low alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, etc. The product specifications range from DN10-DN2000, the pressure range is PN10-PN260, and the standards cover national standards, US standards, European standards, chemical industry standards, etc. They are suitable for low temperature, high pressure, corrosive media and other environments.


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