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Centrifugal fan with belt drive

1、 Efficiency: Since the channel in the backward-leaning blade fan is gradually enlarged, its resistance loss is smaller than that of the forward-tilt type, and the efficiency of the backward-tilt centrifugal fan is greater than that of the forward-tilt centrifugal fan.

2、Electric energy consumption: The efficiency of the backward-leaved blade fan is high, the shaft power required by the fan is small, so that the electric energy consumed is small.

3、Noise: the curvature of the backward inclined blade channel is gentle, and the air flow is relatively smooth. Therefore, the backward blade fan has less noise than the forward blade fan.

4、The fan is driven by Y series motor V-belt; adopts high-quality imported bearings, which have long service life and stable operation; the belt is imported strong narrow V-belt drive; the pulley adopts cone sleeve tensioning structure, which is extremely convenient for adjustment, installation and maintenance .

5、 KT series belt-driven backward centrifugal fan adopts galvanized sheet material, parts are moulded for molding, adopts assembly line operation, mainly adopts advanced technology such as volute undercut, TOX riveting, etc. The air inlet is formed by stretch impact molding or spin forming to ensure that the airflow enters the impeller cross section uniformly, thus greatly reducing the flow loss and improving the efficiency of the impeller. The impeller is a backward-arc circular blade, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide high-efficiency area, large flow, high pressure, etc. It is an ideal supporting product for central air-conditioning and kitchen smoke exhaust, purification unit, industrial ventilation and other equipment. The product has been widely used in air conditioning and ventilation, medicine and chemical industry, metallurgical power generation, textile environmental protection, large-scale construction, animal husbandry industry, fire smoke exhaust and other fields.

6、 Common installation and transmission forms: rear side of motor, side of motor, and bottom of motor; the fan outlet angle has four installation positions: 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

7、Technical parameters: air volume 8000~120000m3/h, full pressure: 500~2000Pa, power: 3.0~90kw.


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