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Belt driven forward multi-blade centrifugal fan

KT series belt driven forward multi-blade centrifugal fan

Specification: 3.15E~10.0E

1. This series of fans are driven by Y series motor triangle belt; it adopts high-quality imported bearings, which have long service life and stable operation; the belt is imported strong narrow V-belt drive; the pulley adopts cone sleeve tensioning structure, which is extremely convenient for adjustment, installation and maintenance.

2、 The KT series belt driven forward multi-blade centrifugal fan adopts galvanized sheet material, the components are molded into molds by assembly line operation. The centrifugal fan mainly adopts advanced technology such as impeller rolling, volute undercut, TOX riveting, etc. Stretching punch forming or spinning forming are used for air intake to ensure that the airflow enters the impeller cross section uniformly, thus greatly reducing the flow loss and improving the efficiency of the impeller. It adopts forward tilting multi-blade impeller which has low noise and small volume. The product has characteristics of large air volume, high efficiency, high pressure head and flat performance curve and safe and reliable operation. It's an ideal supporting products for central air conditioning, kitchen smoke extraction, purification unit, industrial ventilation and other equipment. The centrifugal fan has widely used in air conditioning and ventilation, medicine and chemical industry, metallurgical power generation, textile environmental protection, large-scale construction, animal husbandry industry, fire smoke exhaust and other fields.

3、 Commonly installation and transmission forms: rear motor, side motor, and bottom motor, in which the fan outlet angle has four installation positions: 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

4、Technical parameters: air volume 2500~100000m3/h, full pressure: 300~2000Pa, power: 1.1~90kw.


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