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External rotor motor direct connection centrifugal fan

KT Series External Rotor Motor Direct Connection Centrifugal Fan

Specification: 2.25~6.3#

Material: galvanized sheet, stainless steel

1、The fan adopts external rotor motor direct connection driving, the rated voltage of the motor is three-phase 380V and single-phase 220V, with rated frequency 50HZ and continuous working system S1. Motor housing protection grade is IP44~IP55, insulation grade is B~H, cooling mode is natural cooling IC0041, the use environment temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, the altitude is not more than 1000 meters and the relative humidity is less than 90%, and horizontal installation is used.

2、The casing is formed by undercutting galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet, and its profile is logarithmic spiral curve, with good aerodynamic performance. The fan should be used in a gas environment with no large corrosive gas, no acidic, alkaline and flammable gas; dust particles not more than 150mg/m°. There are two types of installations: common and other. There are four installation positions: 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°.

3、 The impeller side disc, middle disc and blades are all punched and formed by the mold. The impeller assembly is rolled and riveted. The impeller dynamic balance quality level is G5.6; the air inlet is drawn and stamped to ensure that the airflow evenly enters the impeller cross section, thus greatly reducing the flow loss and improving the efficiency of the impeller; the air outlet adopts TOX riveting process, and the assembly is operated by assembly line operation.

4、 The product is mechanical and electrical integration model and has characteristics of reasonable structure, small volume, low noise, high efficiency, wide application, CCC certification of small power motor, safe and reliable use. It is an ideal supporting product for air conditioning units, cooling and heating fans, new fan units, air purification and dust removal, building ventilation, kitchen smoke exhaust and other equipment. It has been widely applied in air conditioning and ventilation, medicine and chemical industry, metallurgical power generation, textile environmental protection, large-scale construction, animal husbandry industry, fire smoke exhaust and other fields.

5、Technical parameters: air volume 1500~40,000m3/h, full pressure: 150~1400Pa, power: 0.25~22kw.


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