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Submerged membrane bioreactor

Membrane bioreactor is a new high-efficiency sewage treatment process that combines high-efficiency membrane separation technology with traditional activated sludge method. It replaces the secondary sedimentation tank of the traditional activated sludge method (CAS) with membrane modules, which greatly improves the ability of liquid and solid separation of the system, so that the quality and volume load of the system effluent have been greatly improved, and the effluent can be reused as reclaimed water. Due to the filtration effect of the membrane, the microorganisms are completely trapped in the biological reaction tank, which realizes the complete separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and activated sludge age (SRT), and also increases the sludge concentration in the biological reaction tank. The bio-dopp effect increases the efficiency of the bioreactor.

Membrane bioreactor has the advantages of high pollutant removal efficiency, strong nitrification ability, stable effluent water quality, low residual sludge output, compact equipment, simple operation, etc. It has been applied to organic sewage with a large treatment capacity and has great potential for polluted water renovating.


Treated water has good quality

MBR can be operated under high MLSS concentration (8000~12000mg/L), which can improve the quality of treated water. COD concentration can be reduced. High-concentration activated sludge can partially decompose high-molecular-weight substances (humus, etc.). The quality of treated water can reach the required quality of reclaimed water, which is suitable for reuse in reclaimed water.

Small floor area

The MBR method does not require a sedimentation tank, and the MBR can be operated at a high MLSS concentration, which can reduce the volume of the aerobic tank and can improve the quality of treated water. Compared with standard activated sludge method, MBR can reduce the area occupied by 50~80%. The transformation project can also transform the sedimentation tank into a membrane tank.

Simple maintenance and management

The sludge properties of each standard activated sludge method are different. According to its sludge properties, some sludge is difficult to separate solid-liquid (such as the problem of sludge expansion). Therefore, the treatment experience is very important to maintain the quality of the treated water. The MBR method adopts membrane solid-liquid separation to replace precipitation separation, of which the maintenance and management is easy, and the effluent quality is very stable. It can provide a stable sewage treatment system


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