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Flat MBR membrane element

The flat membrane adopts permanent hydrophilic modified PVDF membrane material, and uses advanced slit coating technology. It has the unique advantages of uniform coating and uniform pore size distribution, etc. It has excellent performance in filtration flux, removal efficiency, anti-pollution ability and operation stability.

◇ It has strong hydrophilicity and still has high flux in the environment of high sludge concentration. In the treatment of municipal sewage and industrial wastewater with high activated sludge concentration, it can still maintain high flux and excellent anti-pollution performance.

◇ The flat membrane uses ABS resin as the base material of the support plate and optimizes the adhesion process, so that it has high durability and strong adhesion, and can still be used under harsh environmental conditions.

MBR can be operated under high MLSS concentration (8000~12000mg/L), which can improve the quality of treated water and can reduce COD concentration. High-concentration activated sludge can partially decompose high-molecular-weight substances (humus, etc.). The quality of treated water can reach the quality of reclaimed water. It is suitable for reuse in reclaimed water.


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