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Power Engineering and Power Selling Services

Shandong Meilian Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meiling Group, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, more than 40 employees, and 8 administrative staffs who are undergraduates and above. The company's business scope includes power information development, power grid operation, power sales, power distribution, and power supply; water and electricity fee collection, new energy technology development, photovoltaic agricultural base project construction; new energy equipment, sales of pre-packaged food; labor services (excluding labor dispatch and foreign labor service cooperation); power energy technology research services, energy-saving technology consulting, development, promotion services, renewable energy technology development and promotion services, energy management services, user energy efficiency management technologies, power transmission and transformation project construction, and contracting (maintenance, commissioning) of power facilities business, power equipment maintenance; wire and cable, wholesale, retail and leasing of power equipment; power engineering survey design and construction, repair, commissioning and project general contracting, engineering supervision, auxiliary sales of raw materials needed for power systems, power technical consulting, power information system development, power system installation services, generator set equipment installation, wiring engineering services, cold and heat production and supply, import and export of goods, etc.


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