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Intelligent sewage treatment equipment

The intelligent integrated sewage treatment device is an integrated sewage treatment and reuse device designed and manufactured by the company with membrane bioreactor as the main treatment process. The device adopts self-developed anti-pollution MBR membrane with independent intellectual property rights, of which the technical level reaches the international advanced level, and fills the gaps in domestic related fields. Dozens of large-scale demonstration projects have been established, which are advanced technologies that implement energy conservation, emission reduction, efficiency enhancement and capacity expansion, and have achieved good environmental and economic benefits.

Our company can provide users with ground and buried models of dozens of specifications of complete sets of sewage treatment and reuse equipment, of which the purpose is to make domestic sewage and industrial waste water with similar properties treated by the device to achieve reclaimed water standard.

Scope of application

◆Domestic sewage treatment and reuse in hotels, restaurants, and communities

◆Reuse of domestic sewage in industrial and mining enterprises, remote rural areas, outposts, and tourist attractions; reuse of all kinds of industrial wastewater (hospital wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, washing wastewater, food wastewater, cigarette wastewater, etc.) that are similar in nature to domestic wastewater


◆This device has a cartridge function: it integrates the anoxic tank, MBR biological reaction tank, sludge tank, clear water tank and equipment operation room into a large box, which has compact structure, simple process and small floor area (only 1/3~1/2 of traditional process), convenient incremental expansion, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, and can be moved anytime, anywhere, that is, the device can be directly transported to the location of the processing target, where large scale treatment can be carried out directly without the need for secondary operation.

◆It integrates sewage treatment and water purification process flow in the same device, can be installed shallowly in the ground or placed on the ground. There is basically no sludge generated during the treatment process and no impact on the surrounding environment. It has good operation effect, high reliability, stable effluent water quality, and has less running cost.

◆When treating urban sewage, it has impact load resistance capacity, high pollutant removal efficiency, and strong nitrification ability. It can simultaneously perform nitrification and denitrification, and has the functions of nitrogen and phosphorus removal. It is very suitable for the treatment of urban sewage and decentralized sewage. It can also be discharged directly to meet the standard, which can meet the needs of different users for different water quality.

◆The aeration pipeline of the membrane biological reaction tank is divided into two paths, one is used for aeration of the surrounding activated sludge, and the other one is used for aeration of the membrane of the membrane module. The advantage is that the swash force generated by the aeration of the diaphragm causes the membrane to flap against each other, which can shake off the calcified sludge attached to the surface of the membrane hole, greatly increase the membrane flux, extend the service life of the membrane, thus reducing the operation costs.


Flow chart



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