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Intelligent dedicated drinking water system

Intelligent dedicated drinking water system

Company Profile

Zibo Lanjing Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the production of high-efficiency separation membranes and membrane bioreactors, manufacture of dedicated drinking water system, water treatment engineering, environmental protection engineering, and the development and application of intelligent electronic equipment.

The company’s business scope includes investment, design, construction and operation of dedicated drinking water system household projects; sewage treatment and reuse of reclaimed water.

There are hidden dangers in the conventional treatment technology of tap water

1. Pollution of drinking water sources

1) Organic matter and heavy metal pollution existing in the water source makes drinking water treatment more difficult.

2) Accidents lead to serious pollution of water sources, which cannot be handled by the conventional treatment process of waterworks, such as the Taihu cyanobacteria incident.

2. Conventional process cannot effectively remove some pollutants

1) At present, the conventional process has a low ability to remove organic matters in water, especially for water-soluble small molecule organic matters.

2) Halogenated compounds such as trihalomethane and haloacetic acid generated by the combination of organic substances and chlorine-containing disinfectants have been confirmed to have certain carcinogenicity.

3. Tap water has not been deeply purified. It is sterilized with residual chlorine and cannot be drunk before boiling.

What is dedicated drinking water system

Dedicated drinking water system is the abbreviation of "pipeline high-quality dedicated drinking water". It adopts the water supply method of specific quality, and sets up drinking water stations in residential areas (including hotels, office buildings), campuses, enterprises and institutions, adopts modern water purification technology, and deeply purifies the tap water or other water sources to remove organic substances, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the water. Meanwhile, it uses high-quality pipes to establish an independent circulating pipe network to send the purified high-quality water to users for direct drinking.

Advantages of dedicated drinking water system

1. Conform to internationally recognized healthy water standards

After the dedicated drinking water has been purified and sterilized for many times, impurities such as organic matter, heavy metals and viruses in the water are removed. The water quality is fresher, more pure and hygienic, which can meet internationally recognized standards for healthy water.

2. Safer and healthier, while reducing secondary pollution

The dedicated drinking water pipe network is a fully enclosed water supply system, adopts online sterilization and system circulation mode, so that there is no dead water section. The pipeline network uses new high-quality pipes, and the system itself can prevent secondary pollution.

3. For consumers, it’s economically feasible

Although it is more expensive than tap water, the quality of dedicated drinking water is significantly better, which is beneficial to the health of drinkers. According to statistics, dedicated drinking water only accounts for about 2.5% of the total water consumption, which is far less than domestic water and will not bring consumers with too much economic burden.

4. Separate water supply can be implemented, with high social benefits

The high-quality dedicated drinking water adopts an independent pipe network to achieve quality water supply after deep treatment, which not only ensures the safety of drinking water quality, but also effectively solves the contradiction between high quality for normal use of tap water and low quality for strict use; only the drinking water is treated in depth, so that the device has a small processing scale, less investment, and is economical and efficient.

Dedicated drinking water system has the highest comprehensive cost performance, and has the characteristics of convenience, money saving, safety and health


Bottled water

Community direct drinking fountains

Household water purifier

Dedicated drinking water

Water quality

Different processes, different water quality

Deep purification

Different processes, different water quality

Deep purification, real-time cycle sterilization

Health condition

The production process can be monitored, transportation and other links cannot be monitored, and there may be secondary pollution

The whole process cannot be monitored, and there may be secondary pollution

Owner needs to monitor equipment which is difficult

The whole process is transparent and can be monitored

Drinking water health

Water does not flow in the bucket, and is stagnant water

Water does not flow in the bucket, and is stagnant water

The water in the water storage tank is easy to breed bacteria after not using for a long time, and it is stagnant water

The circulation loop is real-time circulation, so it is live water


Make an appointment in advance, send it to your home or pick it up by customers

Bring your own water tools, and pick it at the water sales station by yourself

Drink it directly, but there are risks

Direct drinking, safe and reliable

Direct cost

Need to pay a barrel deposit and buy a water dispenser

Bring your own barrel and buy a water dispenser

Purchase household water purifier and replace filter


Maintenance cost



The filter element is replaced regularly (3 pcs) (70 yuan/time/3 months)


The equipment selects the international first-class brand

Lanjing Membrane

Dow US Dow Chemical

American GE

Use the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure first-class water quality

1. Lanjing ultrafiltration technology

The ultrafiltration membrane produced by Zibo Lanjing Membrane adopts PVDF material with a pore size of 0.01~0.05 microns and is patented with hydrophilic treatment, which can tolerate high concentrations of oxidants and fully inhibit the growth of microorganisms. It can remove almost all particles, bacteria, some viruses and gels, while retaining trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, no pollution, advanced technology and easy operation and maintenance, etc.

2.Reverse osmosis technology

Reverse osmosis technology is one of the most advanced, energy-saving and effective separation technologies today. Its principle is to take advantage of a semi-permeable membrane that allows only water molecules to pass but not other substances to pass under pressure higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution. The interception effect separates the solute and solvent in the solution, and can remove more than 90% of the dissolved salts and more than 99% of colloids, bacteria, microorganisms and organic matter from the water.

3. Ultraviolet sterilization technology

Adopt high-efficiency, energy-saving, chemical disinfectant-free closed-pipe ultraviolet disinfection system; the equipment implements strict "Water Quality Standard for Drinking Water (CJ94 -2015)".

4. Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system

The specially designed frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system can realize the circulation and constant pressure water supply of the pipe network system, and can deliver safe, hygienic and fresh direct drinking water to the user's water intake, which is efficient, energy-saving, stable and reliable.

Service Process

Sign a contract

Sign a contract under the premise of mutual recognition between the two parties to increase the visibility of your project through the news.

Project communication

Professional business managers will carry out field visits, and perform in-depth discussion of solutions with you, so as to provide you with professional advice.

Operations and tracking services

Provide you with full-process training, 24h technical consultation and all-round after-sales service. You will get VIP exclusive service.

Site survey:

Use professional research methods and inspection, survey, and measurement techniques to survey the site.


A design team composed of professional designers and technicians will design the best solution for dedicated drinking water for you.

Engineering construction and supervision

Professional engineering construction team and supervision team will supervise every construction detail.

Service Guarantees

Guarantee 1: drinking water safety - water quality meets relevant standards

Guarantee 2: investment and operation - flexible project implementation method

Guarantee 3: well-known brands guarantee - stable and reliable operation, good water quality

Email: zblanjingmo@163.com

Address: Jinyingu Venture Park, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Phone: 0533-7086700


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