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HDMI-CEC Computer Universal Remote

Dream a Little Dream
Imagine a universal remote control for your HTPC to truly master all of your home theater components.  You would have perfect control over everything from your choice of TV remote, wireless keyboard and media center remote control alike, plus you can customize everything and the software is stable and easy to use.  Cool, clean, seamless.  This is what we all envision when we first purchase our media center computers.  But since then you've probably realized the nightmare it can be trying to make that dream a reality.

Dream Come True
Introducing the PC-CEC Universal Remote, a solution built using the Rainshadow Tech HDMI-CEC to USB Bridge.  Plug this little black box into your computer via USB and into your entertainment system via HDMI and our software will enable you to use your choice of MCE remote control or TV remote (yes the one that came with your TV) to control your computer, HDTV, Home Theater, Bluray player and anything else that is HDMI-CEC capable.  So ditch that IR receiver and blaster because the next generation in HTPC automation is finally here.

Full specifications of this dreamy new product

Watch your dreams come true in our demo video

Rainshadow Tech HDMI-CEC to USB Bridge Technical Specifications

Customer Feedback

-- Phil, England (taken from EventGhost forums here)
I purchased the USB-CEC a couple of months ago and after struggling with the ValkyrieTech software the device came with I purchased the EG plugin, since then I've had no issues and am now able to control my TV and Amp the way you should be able. I honestly think the RainshadowTech device with the original ValkyrieTech software is limited to the point it just isn't worth having, thought I'd purchased a bit of a dud until this plugin was released. So on a personal note I'd like to thank the guys at RCAware for the the EG plugin plus all the advice and support you've provided! I've now managed to put the Amp away and stopped the wife moaning about the clutter, no sticky fingers pressing buttons either!

-- Paolo, Italy
Good work !  The new version works well, I can now also select the HDMI computer input after turning on my tv. Useful if the family had previously looked at the traditional TV. If interested I can send you my macro for MediaPortal, you may enhance the package with a little sample for new users.

Also here is a very nice post from Paolo about using our product on MediaPortal.  It is written in Italian (of course) but even if you need google translate you should be able to understand most of it.

-- Jason, Australia
I can happily report that I've not had a single crash or problem with the app/plugin since my last email. Seems the family test has gone quite well too. I'll keep testing and let you know if anything else crops up in the meantime. (We have not heard back ;)

-- Arnd, Germany
Thank you for your immediate help. Now everything works perfect. You did a great job.

Product Description

The RCAware PC-CEC Universal Remote is an HDMI CEC windows program and device to control your computer (like rs232 tv control) and also control all of your HDMI-CEC capable devices. It is typically used on Media Center MCE and Home Automation PCs (sometimes called HTPCs). Unlike traditional rs232 tv control, CEC HDMI control is an industry standard for High Definition devices so even if you don't own a tv with rs232 you will probably already own an HDMI with CEC HDTV.  You may use your remote for computer or your TV remote over HDMI CEC as a media remote and take advantage of other EventGhost plugins like Homeseer (Home Seer), XBMC, and MediaPortal just to name a few.  EventGhost is one of the most popular remote media center control applications and it is absolutely free.

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